Sara's Story

Meet Sara C. and her family: Sara and her husband Jay live a happy, hectic life with their three little boys. Cormac and Cayden are under the age of 4 -- the youngest, Conley, is just 4 months old.


The accident

On a typical, sunny Saturday, Sara and her family went on a walk around the neighborhood. While she wrangled three boys and packed a stroller, Sara’s hot coffee accidentally tipped into the baby carriage which soaked Conley’s pant leg. When the infant began to wail in pain, Sara and Jay noticed the spill, stripped the soaked clothing, and rushed to the hospital.

The doctors in the ER found extreme second degree burns all over Conley’s right leg. The family was horrified and distressed - the baby’s burns were more severe than imagined. The spill was from a simple cup of coffee. Even the most prepared parents cannot protect their children from everything. Knowing this lessened Sara’s natural guilt, but didn’t slow her determination to do everything she could to heal Conley as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Every parent's nightmare

In the Emergency Room, the doctors treated Conley’s leg with silver ointment and a gauze dressing. Topical silver ointment and antimicrobial dressings are the traditional solution for burn wounds. Sara and her family were given a box of gauze and silver ointment upon Conley’s discharge and were told to follow up with the pediatrician on the healing progress. A few days passed, and the burns were unresponsive. The silver dressings were continually kicked off in discomfort and fell off throughout daily activities. Conley was still in incredible pain with burn wounds which need to be constantly moistened and medicated.

 Initial injury.

Initial injury.

The family was in crisis. Worried. Scared. Moms everywhere understand the feeling: you only want the best for your children. You don’t want your babies struggling in pain, not healing as quickly as possible. When things go wrong, you simply want to fix it.

 After 24 hours of MANUKAtex.

After 24 hours of MANUKAtex.

Miracle healing

Sara’s friend heard the news and told her about ManukaMed: a wound care company with products containing 100% manuka honey. This solution has all-natural healing properties. Sara and her husband immediately ordered an overnight delivery of MANUKAtex dressings, which are permeated with the revolutionary medical honey.

When applying the MANUKAtex dressings to the burn wound that the commonly used silver dressings could not heal, Sara immediately noticed Conley was soothed by the ManukaMed ointment and stopped fussing over the dressing. Within the first 24 hours of applying the ManukaMed products, there was an overwhelming difference in Conley’s wound appearance and overall attitude.

a healthy, happy family

From Sara C. about her experience with Conley’s burn wounds:

“The honey impregnated dressing made everything so much easier. It started healing incredibly fast; it was shocking!

“He seemed like it didn’t itch as much. He seemed so calm, even during the dressing changes. Even my pediatrician noticed a difference! We were able to cut the dressing to the size of the burns, instead of having this huge piece of gauze on him. It worked so easily and so well. I was shocked that the emergency room didn’t have MANUKAtex available since this solution was easier and it lasted much longer. It wouldn’t fall off- it’s not sticky, but it adheres to skin and it wasn’t falling off in a matter of hours. I feel that in terms of costs, the hospital would save money since they wouldn’t use as much product.

“I felt so bad and guilty that my 4-month-old went through this, but having MANUKAtex was such a relief because once I started using it, his burns started to clear and healed in 7 days. With no visible scar!