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Bonita J on Apr 18, 2017

The ManukaDerm works awesome on dry, patchy skin.


Miracle product
Tabitha on Feb 1, 2017

I use [ManukaPli] for my daughter who is disabled and wheel chair bound. She develops sores and ulcers frequently. She does not heal well and takes months to get rid of them. Unfortunately, she is allergic to many topical antibiotics. Her wound care doctor decided to prescribe this product. It worked so good. Her wounds have never healed so good or so fast! And she’s not allergic to it. I am truly thankful for this product. Thank you from a grateful parent!


Wound healing in record time (secondary intention)
Sherry Coffin on June 4, 2017

My border collie had an infected wound on her leg and I utilized honey dressings. The healing was slow and tedious I received the ManukaMed light dressings and applied immediately and continuously. What started out the size of a silver dollar, with lots of undermining and about 1/4 inch deep, is now the size of Roosevelt’s head on a dime! The wound is flat, almost completely dry and almost completely healed. In fact, the fastest healing took place when I changed it every 2 days instead of daily. The biggest challenge is keeping the Elizabethan collar on her so she doesn’t eat the dressing. As an RN who works with patients with chronic non-healing wounds, I feel like I have found a miracle. The dressing absorbed the drainage, kept it clean and infused Manuka honey on a constant basis. The results have been remarkable and unlike I have seen in over 40 years of nursing. Sure they are pricey but so worth. My precious 12.5 year old dog did not require surgery, or a long and protracted healing time (which easily could have turned into a chronic nonhealing wound. I wish I had taken pictures to post, because her wound healing was nothing short of miraculous. Sherry Coffin, RN, CCN, BSN. PS I have already recommended this to my patients with severe radiation burn wounds.


The ONLY topical that helps heal my lesions!
Linda W. on May 26, 2017

I have been on immunosuppressants for lupus for nearly 10 years. I heal very slowly and I’m prone to infections, both systemic and localized. The ManukaGel is the ONLY topical that helps heal my lupus open lesions (scalp, face, arms, upper back) and the MRSA infection on my toes.